social media for startups

Social Media for Startups

Social media for a small business is a full-time job in itself. Many startups must acknowledge the importance of incorporating social media into their marketing plan, and the do’s and don’ts of utilizing it. A young business ourselves, Green Beans is here to give you our top 3 tips on using social media for business.

Less is More

It’s always been quality over quantity, plain and simple. This goes for social media posts as well. Businesses should always avoid overwhelming their customers, especially online. Lengthy emails will end up in the trash, 10 Instagram posts in a row will be scrolled over, and excess Facebook updates will be ignored. The goal is to be informative and concise, and always stay relative.

Some businesses, in effort to connect with customers, post too much unnecessary material. It is ok to be chummy with your customers and post funny images occasionally, but doing so every day is overkill. You want to be able to balance humor with serious business. If you joke too much, customers won’t take you seriously. If you’re too serious, you will be perceived as boring. All small businesses should work to find a happy medium.

In general, don’t post too much. Find a daily number that works for you for each platform. For example, 1 Instagram post, 2 Facebook posts, and 3 Twitter posts per day. Monitor the traffic on each social media outlet and figure out which numbers are drawing in traffic. Posting too much content will lead to unlikes, unfollows, and unsubscribes. You never want to be a nuisance, and you want your customers to look forward to hearing from you.

Promote in Moderation

Promoting your business is great, but shouldn’t be your only focus online. Posting content that is strictly promotional will result in a disengaged audience. It has been suggested to only allow for 20% of your information to be promotional. The remaining 80% can be fun, interactive, and engaging. There is a time and place for sales information, and that isn’t 24/7.


Having a content strategy will help your business excel. A posting plan will allow you to to publish content at the most effective times and keep track of how often you post, to avoid flooding newsfeeds. Having a plan is much more effective than randomly posting material, and can save time and stress in the long-run.

Overall, every business will utilize social media in ways that are most effective and beneficial for them. Just because one business posts once a day on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s bad if you post three times. Balance and organization are all you need to use social media appropriately for your business. It all comes down to staying relative, being clear and to-the-point, and allowing customers to engage.

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