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Marketing Spotlight: Trader Joe’s

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a Trader Joe’s you know that it is not your average grocery store. While each store is decorated in a slightly different way you’re bound to see fun things like murals of a cow surfing or Hawaiian shirts as the employee uniform throughout the store. The beachy theme throughout and the friendly and helpful employees create a relaxed atmosphere that turns the chore of grocery shopping into an enjoyable experience.

Originating in the 1950’s, this chain has grown into a popular stop for healthy and affordable food.
Trader Joe’s has also realized that being a grocery store isn’t enough in today’s market. With cool recipes to try on their website and their Fearless Flyer that is full of personality and bound to put a smile on your face, Trader Joe’s knows how to keep their customers engaged.

Here are 7 Reasons why we put the marketing spotlight on Trader Joe’s, and what works about their strategy:

1. Trader Joe’s makes you feel good about what you’re buying.

Whether it’s their cage-free eggs or their non-animal tested beauty and hygiene products, Trader Joe’s is looking out for those furry little ones. They even encourage customers to bring re-usable bags and only offer paper ones that can be easily reused and recycled. By advertising and living up to their environmentally friendly antics, they never stop drawing in fresh customers.

2. As mentioned before, the store’s theme is also unique.

When you walk through those doors your spirits are automatically lifted with the tropical theme and super friendly employees. From the murals vibrantly painted on the walls to the colorful packaging, lots of customers opt for Trader Joe’s simply for the comforting vibes.

3. In addition to their unique cruelty-free food options, Trader Joe’s also has tons of funky international cuisine products that set them apart from their competition.

Shoppers skim through coupons and ads to decide where to pick-up their groceries for the week, and seeing an array of unique cultural options often sways their decision.

4. One of my favorite parts about Trader Joe’s is their customer service.

They have been known to treat their employees really well, and it totally shows! They are always incredibly friendly, patient, and eager to help you. This definitely weighs in on a returning customer’s choice of where to shop.

5. Their prices aren’t ridiculously expensive either.

They provide organic and GMO-free options at prices that are way lower than similar stores, such asEarth Fare and Whole Foods. Making it more affordable for everybody to have healthy food options is reason enough for people to head over there.

6. They have stayed consistent throughout the years and remain true to their values.

They have made slight changes in their logos to stay up to date, but they always have kept the same iconic font to make their brand easily recognizable.

7. They have an awesome little newsletter called the Fearless Flyer.

It highlights special products each month and provides delicious and easy recipes to make as well. In addition to all of the product information, the newsletters are also jam-packed with cool graphics and funny little cartoons, helpful for distracting children who’ve been dragged along while their parents run their errands.

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