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10 Tips For More Effective Marketing

Whether your business is brand new or 20 years old, marketing is not an option anymore, it is a must to keep things going at the rate they are going or it will simply make your business grow as you not have ever expected it.

Check out those 10 quick tips about marketing that are going to make you do things differently to bring the attention needed to your business. You have to understand that no matter what economy your business is evolving in, a strong and smart marketing will get you to the edge of success. And sometimes, it may even be easier than what you would have thought.

1. Recognize and appreciate your customers

Understanding your customers is the basis of a good marketing strategy. Remember that you are nothing without them, you cannot sell anything without them, and more importantly, you have no reason to be without them. Your goal is to identify perfectly your customers’ needs and aspirations so you can make sure that you will be the only one able to speak to them in that unique way. By doing so, you will hold the advantage to build a solid relationship with them, and then insure their loyalty. Many tools are at your service to understand your customer’s behavior, demographics and requirements. The most important thing is to be as accurate as possible in order to guarantee selling efficiency. You will sell well is you know your target very well.

In a seconds time, you need to be interesting to your customers. To make sure of that, we recommend building a brand identity in which the customer is going to rely on, to identify himself to, and to buy from. Also remember that a happy and interested customer is going to say good things about you, so better keep them entertained!

2. Be aware of your competition

Once you can actually affirm knowing your customers better than they know themselves, it is time to focus on your competitors, because you will never be the only one aiming for your target. Ideas are flowing all the time, and this why you should pay attention to whatever innovations people are coming with. Global conditions are constantly changing and evolving, meaning that you have to stay at the top of your game not to be outdistanced by an outsider that has been studying the market more than you have been.

Today, everything is a matter of timing and reactivity. Everybody is keeping a close eye on each other, and that is to regularly monitor the external environment, looking for opportunities over the existing threats. They are aware of what you are and what you do, do not stay out of touch with reality.

3. Your product should be shaped after your customer’s needs

After having your competition secured, and your customer well identified, it is time to talk about the product that you are developing and selling. Just know that your product should not find a customer to fit his needs, it is the product that you are providing that has to fit the needs of the customer. Your product or service should be tailored to the expectations of your customers and this has to be valid from the product itself, to the way you promote it or even the packaging that is going to catch the eye among all the different products.

Do not fall into the stubborn approach of entrepreneurs who want to stick to the way they see their product (because they are the one who thought about it), make sure that you are designing and presenting the product as the customer would want to see it. Don’t forget that you may have thought about this revolutionary product on your own, but think about why and mostly who you decided to create it for.

4. Make sure that you are resourceful and persuasive

Marketing a product or a service means that you know your stuff by heart. No one should be able to trick you into complex questions. Deliveries should be taken care of in the smoothest way, after-sales service should be available to any questions, returns should not cause any problem and your staff should be happy to be here to help. You need to have all the answers prepared, and you need to be willing to face competitors’ product in the eyes of your customer. Your goal is to fight the competition and prove that what you sell suits your customer better; so don’t leave him hanging, fire all those arguments that will put the competition out of sight.

5. Get noticed and available to your customers

Today’s way of advertising has evolved and you have to live up to it. Nowadays, placing a few ads is not enough anymore. You have to embrace all the channels you have to reach your customers. Don’t stay classic, be outgoing and unexpected as much as you have to be unforgettable. Your message has to be short and clear to make sure that it will have a quick and strong impact on the minds. But mostly, you need to use your rational arguments in an emotional way so you can make sense to your customers. You have to prove that they need something they did not even realize they needed, and that you are the only one providing (selling) that product. Just make sure that your messages stand out for your business, and that you are accessible at anytime.

6. Put your staff first

Never forget your people. They are the ones that are here for you and who struggle with you every day to make it possible. You have to show them that you are motivated so they get the same energy. Take care of them so they feel involved, train them so they can give the best of themselves, make them feel needed and required. Give them the tools to be competent so everyone can work together and make you business work.

7. Display an eye-catching shop front

The outside can sometimes be the reason of an impulsive purchase. This is why you should grant some attention to the presentation of your business and its products. Having a clean shop front is a huge influence as an evidence of trust. Customers usually don’t buy from a website they do not feel comfortable navigating in. If they have a weird feeling about it, their trust is going to reduce. Inevitably, a messy front is going to lower your standards and won’t attract your target anymore.

8. Come up with a solid pricing strategy

Pricing is not just a matter of production costs and margin. You obviously have to take this in account to make sure that you earn enough money to run your business but above all that you need to decide what you are looking for. For example, high price is going to mean premium, so you will sell less but you will still have a good return on investment if you manage your image as well. On the other side, you could be selling at a low price to get and break into the market, but this will high profitability only in the long term. Pricing is a very important issue to consider in your marketing plan.

9. Foster strong relationships

A dissatisfied customer may be the worst thing for your business. A happy customer will spread the word around that you have a good thing going on, but an outraged customer will bring your business down by telling every single person they can. You need to put your relationship with the customer first to avoid this kind of situation. Don’t let anyone the opportunity to spread a bad story about your business because it would damage your brand and people usually remember the bad things rather than the good ones. Make sure that any issue that you could be having could also be sorted out as briefly as possible.

10. Have a well-planed marketing strategy

Once you have all of those things figured out, you need to write down the development your strategy so everyone can work in the same direction. This marketing strategy goes back over all the points mentioned earlier in a step-by-step plan. This document will help gather all of the essentials that will make you strong in your marketing path to success. This will be a document you will refer to in case of misleading times.

Ambition, motivation and marketing will become the three pointers you will always refer to in order to achieve success in your business. Never be afraid to try, you need to stand out there to make a name for yourself so don’t hesitate for one second.